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Haunt The House 2

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We present to you the last part of the most popular game Haunt The House 2. It's not just a game: you have to scare people to death. The first version of this game has been developed for the Halloween holiday in 2010, and has become the favorite game of the public. Developers are two brothers who have added significant new additions and improved version. The user will control the ghost, who will wander from house to house and scare calm, residents of houses. In the new part you have a bunch of new features. At this time, the game developers have picked up for us a very amorphous form of life, the protagonist of Haunt The House 2 is a poltergeist. Your main goal is to scare, scare and again scare people to death: tear the tablecloth off the table, throw off the books from the shelves, open the windows and do other mischief-this game is a classic of modern horror. Since a poltergeist is a creature not as much social as socially dependent, you should carefully choose places for afterlife “parties”. However, in given situation, developers do not give us much choice - only four locations are presented: the museum, the theater, a hospital and a cruise ship. Our task is to instill fear and terror in a certain number of inhabitants of the earth and make them see what a product of imagination raging is in fact. Haunt the House: Terrortown is endowed with a huge amount of game elements, which are various objects of the interior, and practically each of them can be interacted with. Panic spreads pretty quickly, people grab the madness bursts and within 5-10 minutes of gameplay populous location begins to empty losing its inhabitants, but that does not mean the game is over, you can go to the next section and continue there to scare people. The new, second version of the game has a very large amount of new levels , different bonuses and other interesting features, which you will find after you start to play. Play at our official website.

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